We are living in a time immense changes in the world around us. With the changes will be losses from individual species to entire ecosystems. During a week long canoe trip in Northern Maine a group of writers, thinkers, and artists will gather to explore the more subtle shifts in human experience. Our hope is that shifting pace and moving slowly through a beautiful place will spur reflection.  Each participant will find their own way to approach the theme of shifting experience, as we spend several days traveling down the Upper West Branch of the Penobscot River, observing and reflecting as we go. We will schedule in time each day for people to write, draw, or think in multiple locations as we paddle down river. There is no expectation of production of work during the trip. The time can be used to take notes, have discussions, and find inspiration. Each artist will determine how they would like to explore the theme of lost experiences in their own work.

Following the trip, participants will have a few months to develop their ideas into a contribution to a collection of work. It is our hope that the expedition and collaboration inspires further personal works for each participant.


The Upper West Branch of the Penobscot River will be the setting for our time together. With the help of Apeiron Expeditions we will explore this beautiful waterway on a multi-day canoe trip ending in the historical logging camp, Chesuncook Village. Our guide will provide the experience and instruction for a safe and rewarding trip, making this trip accessible even to people with no outdoor experience. Each days paddle will offer time for work and reflection throughout our travel downstream to the next campsite. Afternoons and mornings in camp offer you the choice to explore, talk with other artists, create, sit quietly without distractions, learn outdoor skills, or take part in campfire cooking and baking. Our accommodations will be simple: tents, sleeping bags, outhouses, and the river. Instead of electricity, cell phones, and warm showers we will have fresh baked treats, afternoon swims, and wildlife sightings.

Dates: August 18-24, 2019

Cost: We are committed to minimizing the cost of the residency for participants. Our guide is donating his time and weare not seeking to make money. Participants are asked to split the cost of expenses. The expected cost of the trip (camping fees, food, equipment, and remote transport) is $250. Our “Pay What You Will” pricing still applies to this trip.


Lynn Steger Strong is a writer and teacher. Her first novel, Hold Still, was released by Liveright/WW Norton in March 2016. She received an MFA from Columbia University and her non-fiction has been published in Guernica, LARB, Elle.com, Catapult, Lit Hub, and elsewhere. She teaches both fiction and non-fiction writing at Columbia University, Fairfield University, and the Pratt Institute. Lynn's second novel, Want, is forthcoming from Henry Holt in spring 2020.

Alejandro Strong is a Maine guide and philosophy professor. His work in both fields explore the connection between cultures and the natural world. Alex started Apeiron Expeditions with the goal of making wilderness expeditions an accessible place for creative endeavors.

Lynn and Alex are long time friends, and have long enjoyed collaborating and discussing ideas. They also happen to be brother and sister in laws.


For more information email Alejandro at astrong@apeironexpeditions.com