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Yoga, Writing and Reflection a Canoe Expedition


Join yoga Instructor Olga Feingold and writing instructor Liz Bruno for this unique 4 day expedition. Through the practices of canoeing, yoga, and writing, we will explore nature and self with a supportive and friendly crew. As an expedition, each day we will travel by canoe to our next campsite further downstream. We will take time in our journey for yoga and writing workshops, as well as free time for conversations or personal reflection.

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.
— Isaac Asimov

Pay What You Will Pricing

As a pay what you want organization, the actual price is for you to decide. We offer a suggested price based on our costs to help you make your decision. We consider your payment amount as confidential. 

We ask for a deposit when you sign up for the trip. We suggest twenty percent of what you expect to pay. The deposit will help us with the costs of preparation for the course.

We expect your final payment within a week of the trip’s end.


The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.
— B.K.S Ivengar


Using the power of Maine’s peaceful nature, participants will be invited to spend time connecting back to themselves. Together we will welcome each day with a gentle slow flow vinyasa, followed by a camp cooked meal and our day's paddle. Throughout the day we will take moments to use writing as a tool for self exploration.  Brief yoga workshops and writing exercises woven into the day will collectively enhance daily mindfulness practices.

Both yoga and writing will offer chances to access the mind through the body and the body through the mind.  In our writing we will, as Isaac Asimov puts it, think through our fingers.   No skill level or previous experience in writing or yoga is necessary. For beginners we offer activities that will be accessible and engaging, and for those with more experience we offer  the chance to practice your craft in a beautiful and remote place.

Sign Up

If you are interested in this trip please contact us to sign up. Once you have reserved your spot, we will send you an equipment list and guide you through preparing for the course.