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Maine Bird and Landscape Workshop on the West Branch with Cristina de la Vega


Join Artist Cristina de la Vega and Naturalist Ben Jacques for a 4 day exploration of Maine birds and landscapes on the West Branch of the Penobscot River. This trip partners guided bird watching with capturing the landscape through drawing and painting. We will stop along our way each day allowing you time to draw or paint a variety of locations, as well as search for birds

Pay What You Will Pricing

As a pay what you want organization, the actual price is for you to decide. We offer a suggested price based on our costs to help you make your decision. We consider your payment amount as confidential. We ask for a deposit when you sign up for the trip. We suggest twenty percent of what you expect to pay. The deposit will help us with the costs of preparation for the course.

We expect your final payment within a week of the trip’s end.

Suggested Price: $1,750


Following the Thoreau Wabanaki Trail from Lobster Lake to Umbazooskis Stream, we will trace part of Thoreau's Maine Woods trip. We will paddle down the West Branch of the Penobscot River for 2 days, then spend the next 2 days on Chesuncook Lake making our way to Umbazooskis Stream. Our typical day of paddling will be between 5 and 10 miles, leaving ample time for painting, conversing, and exploring. 


Cristina de la Vega is a landscape painter working in oils and charcoal, and a lover of wild birds. Cristina will work with naturalist Ben Jacques to intertwine the practices of bird watching and landscape arts to help artists and birders alike develop their practice of seeing. Cristina will help select painting locations as well as offer instruction and critique. Ben will lead a daily brief on birds we may see on the West Branch, and to help identify birds along the way. 

This trip is open to everyone from non-artists seeking a creative way to enhance their experience of nature to more experienced artists looking for access to remote, beautiful locations and the camaraderie of painting in a group. 

Sign Up

If you are interested in this trip please contact us to sign up. Once your spot is reserved we will send you an equipment list and guide you through preparing for the trip.