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Running and Canoeing Expedition with Chloe Manchester


Join Chloe Manchester for a 3 day running and canoeing trip on Chesuncook Lake. This trip will involve canoeing and long runs on trails and remote dirt roads. Being an expedition our travel by running shoe and canoe will take us to a new campsite each night. This trip is not exclusive to advanced runners. However, you should be used to running six miles and longer runs at a comfortable pace. Please contact us if you have any questions about fitness  preparations for the trip.

Pay What You Will Pricing

As a pay what you want organization, the actual price is for you to decide. We offer a suggested price based on our costs to help you make your decision. We consider your payment amount as confidential. 

We ask for a deposit when you sign up for the trip. We suggest twenty percent of what you expect to pay. The deposit will help us with the costs of preparation for the course.

We expect your final payment within a week of the trip’s end.

Suggested Price: $1,500


Our expedition starts at Caucomgomoc Lake, with our first run. With a few options for length of run, you will have a chance to get to know the other trip members while running deep in Maine's Northwoods. The run will finish at our first campsite on Umbazooksus Stream, where a swim, meal, and dry clothes wait.  Day two starts with restorative yoga, followed by breakfast. We will spend the day paddling south east along the shores of Chesuncook Lake. Day three we will paddle for the the first half of the day until we reach Rigogenus Lake, where you will start your final run. The last run is a mix of dirt roads and trail, exploring the woods around the Lower West Branch of the Penobscot. 


On this trip, you will take long wilderness runs and canoe the length of Chesuncook lake, with a group of fellow runners and explorers. Chloe Manchester will lead runs, allowing you to just enjoy a long run in a beautiful place or to take your new love of running to the new level. In addition to the physical activity Alejandro Strong, will lead optional conversations on the philosophy of self-cultivation, drawing on the traditions of various cultures.

Sign Up

If you are interested in this trip please contact us to sign up. Once you have reserved your spot, we will senrd you an equipment list and guide you through preparing for the course.