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Philosophy Bakes Bread a Canoe Expedition


Join Anthony Cashio and Eric Thomas Weber, the hosts of the Philosophy Bakes Bread radio show and podcast, on a four-day immersion trip canoeing on the Upper West Branch of the Penobscot River, around 100 miles North of Bangor, Maine.  On this trip Anthony and Eric will lead discussions based on John Lachs's book, In Love With Life. Lachs draws on the ancient wisdom of stoicism and the modern insights of U.S. philosophy to help us live happier lives. We will talk about appreciating the present, coping better with life’s difficulties, and enjoying its many pleasures. Our natural surroundings will make the ideal venue for thinking together about how to love life.

Pay What You Will Pricing

As a pay what you want organization, the actual price is for you to decide. We offer a suggested price based on our costs to help you make your decision. We consider your payment amount as confidential.

We ask for a deposit when you sign up for the trip. We suggest twenty percent of what you expect to pay. The deposit will help us with the costs of preparation for the course.

We expect your final payment within a week of the trip’s end.



Our route will take us down the Upper West Branch of the Penobscot river, following Henry David Thoreau's route from Lobster lake to Chesuncook Lake. We will spend three days paddling down the river. The final day will be spent paddling on Chesuncook lake to the end of our canoeing trip in the remote, historical Chesuncook Village. Our typical day of paddling will be between 5 and 10 miles, leaving ample time for thinking, conversing, and exploring.



The theme of this trip draws from the radio show and podcast that Anthony and Eric co-host. The show is about how philosophical thinking can help us to live happier, more meaningful lives. Anthony and Eric will lead daily discussions that start from Lachs's book, In Love With Life,  but then follow the direction that you and your trip mates choose. If you have listened to Philosophy Bakes Bread  before, you will know that Anthony and Eric, take a lighthearted and fun approach to philosophy. You do not need to have a background in philosophy to enjoy this trip, only an interest in ideas and conversations. We are  going to have a number of philosophers baking, and breaking, bread together with you.

Sign Up

If you are interested in this trip please contact us to sign up. Once you have reserved your spot, we will send you an equipment list and guide you through preparing for the course.