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American Philosophy a Canoe Expedition with John Kaag


Join John Kaag on a 3 day immersion trip canoeing on the headwaters of Moosehead lake. On this trip John will lead discussion based on  Henry David Thoreau and his recent book "American Philosophy: A Love Story."

Pay What You Will Pricing

As a pay what you want organization, the actual price is for you to decide. We offer a suggested price based on our costs to help you make your decision. We consider your payment amount as confidential. 

We ask for a deposit when you sign up for the trip. We suggest twenty percent of what you expect to pay. The deposit will help us with the costs of preparation for the course.

We expect your final payment within a week of the trip’s end.

Suggested Price: $1,500


Our route will take us down the Moose River, and some of the large ponds that make up its head waters. In addition to paddling, we will have the option of a day hike on Sally Mountain on the North Shore of Attean Pond, to take in the Fall foliage. 


John Kaag will lead discussion on the connections between philosophy and a life well lived. 

Sign Up

If you are interested in this trip please contact us to sign up. Once you have reserved your spot, we will send you an equipment list and guide you through preparing for the course.