Want to take a trip with family, friends, colleagues, students, or just you...

In addition to our partner trips, we are excited to work directly with you to plan a custom trip that meets your needs. Whether you are looking for an hour paddle or a multi-week expedition, we can work with you. 

Some of our recent trips include a three night trip for a family with two ten year olds, and a half day trip for a group of artists to access remote painting locations.


Designing a trip

Once your reach out to us we will work together with you to plan a trip that meets your idea of a perfect canoe trip. We will discuss: schedule, interest, ability, health and diet, and other factors to plan a perfect trip for your needs.


As with most of our trips, custom trips use our pay what you will pricing. Which means the final cost is up to you. During the trip design phase we will explain the typical costs of a trip (food, transportation, and land use fees) and work to design a trip that fits your budget.

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